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Hopeless romantic, Enneagram 2, lover of light, and a fan of traveling to new places!

Hi! I'm Silvia. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Richardson, Texas. I’m married to the sweetest man that encourages me, sharpens me, and points me to Christ daily. We met in DFW at a church picnic in 2018, became friends for about nine months, and then started dating in 2019. We never expected to plan a wedding during a global pandemic, but we did. We got engaged and married in 2020. Even though life looked different in so many ways, we had a sweet, memorable wedding. 

After planning my own wedding and getting married in a pandemic, I have gained a new perspective in how to better care, serve, and be there for my brides leading up to and during their special day. I know firsthand the emotions that come with a wedding day, and I am fully here for you every step of the way.


about Me

I love Italian food, and I am always looking for a great Italian place. Currently, my favorite in Richardson is Café Amore.

Favorite Food

This guy. My husband, Phillip. He's the sweetest, smartest, funniest man that makes me smile a lot.



Spending time outside on a walk or in nature with my husband.



A good milk tea boba and a strawberry slushie from Sonic.

guilty pleasures


My favorite places that I've traveled to are France, Colorado, and Scotland.

places i've been



My favorite moment on a wedding day is when the bride & groom walk down the aisle after they are pronounced husband and wife! The joy that each of them have when they realize that they're married is priceless.

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my favorite things:

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